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A look at the Aspire Minican.

Here, we take a look at a new product recently arriving at the Ecigbox, the Aspire Minican.

Quitting smoking can be a difficult process. The move to Vaping can be confusing for many. There is one area that puts many people off, having to pay £30+ and worrying they may not like vaping. A possible waste of money.

Well, there's now a solution. The Aspire Minican. It costs roughly the same as 20 Cigarettes. £10

And its good.... really good.

I will let you into a secret, the first one we ordered we expected it to be like all other £10 devices.... not the best. Cheap devices tend to be poor imitations of larger devices, they usually have poor battery life, a weak draw and coils don't last long.

The Minican is different. It has a VERY good draw, as good as many top 'quitting kits' on the Market. Its battery life is good, and coils last as long as most coils on the Market.

During a recent trip to York for a day out, it was the only device I used, it lasted all day despite its small 350mah battery.

The coils (the entire pod is replaced) lasted over a week.

I can see new users of this wanting to move onto a larger kit in time, however, if you want to give E-Cigarettes a try, you can not fail with this device.

Don't think this kit is for new users only.

With a 20mg Nic shot, this device gives such a good draw it can be used by more experienced Vapers, for times when you need a bit more 'kick' (When you are in the Pub maybe?)

The Minican is now one of my 'go to' Vapes. I love how smooth it is. I also love its discreetness. Its smaller than a lighter, and gives off only a small 'cloud'.

For £10, you simply can not fault the Aspire Minican.

Buy the Aspire Minican here

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