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Uk made - includes Nic Shot Flavours:-


Apple Pie & Custard: Delicious, sweet apple pie and custard. Just like granny used to make.


- Berry Crumble: Delicious, sweet berry crumble. When Granny wasn't making apple pie, she was making this.


- Black Current: It's purple, juicy, delicious and just about everyone has tried it. When you vape this, you'll know. No water required.


- Blue Berg: Walter and his pal Jesse struck gold with their famous blue recipe and this is our tribute - fruits, aniseed and a hint of menthol make for a mouthwatering and refreshing vape


- Blue Slush: What can we say? It's the flavour of your favourite blue slushy drink! Ice cold, refreshing and fruity


- Cherry Bakewell: Flavours of delicious shortcrust pastry, jam, frangipane and almonds combine to recreate this popular and tasty treat.


- Cherry Cola: It's a classic!


- Fizzy Blue Bottles: Just like those fantastic fizzy blue cola bottle sweets!


- Jam Donut: Oh my doughnut. The jammiest, tastiest doughnut you'll find.


- Lemon Cheesecake: Sweet, tart lemon drizzled on beautiful creamy cheesecake and buttery biscuit base...bass...bass


- Mixed Berry Menthol: Ripe mixed berries and cooling menthol


- Peaches And Cream: The classic fruity combo of juicy peach and smooth sweet cream.


- Pink Lemonade: A sweet, sharp and juicy lemon and pink grapefruit combo.


- Rainbow Candy: So many fruit flavours. A cornucopia if you will. If you put them side by side, you might say it almost looks like a....rainbow?


- Red Slush: It's the flavour of your favourite red slushy drink! Ice cold, refreshing and fruity.


- Redder Stare: A punchy blend of red fruits, aniseed and cooling menthol.


- Ruby Mango: The fantastic, distinctive and unique mango juice drink that you know and love!


- Salted Caramel: There is truly something special about combining sweet and savoury flavours that make them incredibly moreish. This classic combination will leave you yearning for more and more and...


- Sour Apple: Delicious sour apple candy


- Tropical Crush: A completely tropical flavour, if you get our drift. Pineapple and grapefruit crush.

2 Bottles 50ml Absolution Juice - £14 inc nic shot

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