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Raspberry Twist: rich flavours of the hand-picked raspberries provide a sweet yet subtle e-juice, perfect for giving your vape that much-needed berry boost.


Slushberry: a blend of tangy, blue raspberries with a touch of sweetness that produces a beautifully balanced vape.


Citrus Seven: Sharp tones of the lemons and limes infused perfectly to bring you a refreshingly fruity vaping experience.


Apple Blow: The juicy flavours of ripe apples expertly packed into a bottle to bring you an e-juice that will blow your taste buds away.


Getsome Grape: This e-liquid is bursting with rich grape flavour and an explosion of fruity fun, creating a perfectly balanced vape juice. 


Lemberry Brew: The Sweet flavours of the fresh hand-picked blackcurrants blend perfectly with the citrus-y tones of lemonade


Pomberry Plunge: A massive mixture of full-on fruit flavours including sweet strawberry, mangosteen fruit and fresh melon. 

2x ULTD 50ml Vape Liquid

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