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  • Short Fill e-liquid 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Nicotine free
  • 70VG/30PG ratio
  • Perfect for sub-ohm vaping
  • 50ml of e-liquid with 10ml of space for nicotine shot 
  • Free nicotine shot with each short fill purchase



Blackcurrant Ice Pop - A fruity symphony with a refreshingly cool twist, The Good Life Vape Co’s Blackcurrant Ice Pop e-liquid provides a vaping experience like no other. This deliciously sweet vape juice crams the naturally light flavours of frozen blackcurrants together to recreate the delicious sensations of your favourite ice lolly. Blackcurrant Ice Pop is perfect for vapers with a sweet tooth and an ideal all-day vape.


Southern Peach Ice Tea - Life is pretty peachy when it’s spent vaping the Good Life Vape Co’s deliciously sweet Southern Peach Ice Tea e-liquid. Inspired by the classic beverage, The Good Life have sourced all of the greatest flavours from the deep south, to create this comforting, homely vape juice. Southern Peach Ice Tea features layered flavours of succulent, mellow peach, infused with premium brewed tea, topped off with the citrus tones of lemonade. A naturally light and sweet vape, perfect for all occasions. 


Twisted Lolly - Capturing the essence of a classic childhood treat, The Good Life Co Twisted Lolly e-liquid serves up a delicious mixture of flavours with every vape. The notes of the exotic pineapples give this vape juice a sweet base, while the zesty notes of lemons balance out the flavour. The combination of strawberries and rich, smooth ice cream then take centre stage giving your vape the perfect finish.


Pink Punch - Sweet, tangy and delightfully refreshing, The Good Life Vape Co’s Pink Punch e-liquid is a delicious take on a true British classic. Pink Punch vape juice provides a wave of fruity flavour thanks to the perfect combination of fresh strawberries and zesty grapefruit. The additional flavour of homemade lemonade provides the perfect finishing touch, leaving you with an aftertaste to remember. Pink Punch is bright, invigorating and sure to be an instant classic. 


Tropic Thunder - The delightful mangoes are excellently complemented by the citrus-filled effervescence of fresh lemonade, producing a perfectly balanced vape. The sweet and sour tones of the mango and lemonade meld perfectly, giving you the best of both worlds and providing a truly tropical experience. 


 Mango & Peach Sorbet - An irresistibly refreshing flavour, Mango & Peach sorbet features the deliciously succulent tones of tropical fruits, beautifully finished off by an ice-cold menthol kick! The sweet tones of the mangoes and peaches will ignite your taste for the tropics, creating a medley of exotic flavours in your mouth. The cool menthol gives your vape a subtle, refreshing finish, leaving an alluring aftertaste and a fragrant aroma. 


Kiwi & Watermelon Medley - The natural flavours of sweet strawberries set the tone for this vape juice, providing a blast of fruity sensations as you inhale. The strawberry notes are elevated by the tropical flavours of kiwi and watermelon and subtly finished off by the warming flavour of roasted, fluffy marshmallows. The myriad of flavours creates a perfectly balanced vape, sending your taste buds into overdrive. 


Sex on the Beach - The succulent tones of the peaches are beautifully backed up by the ripe, citrus-filled oranges, creating a perfectly balanced vape. The addition of cranberry juice gives this vape a sweet finish, leaving a delicious aftertaste in your mouth.

The Good Life 50ml

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