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Pointing Fingers - A disposable Truth

I let you in to a secret. There's not much money, for retailers, in disposable vapes. So why on earth would anyone sell them to Children?

Well, unfortunately, it follows a pattern within the Vaping industry. You would expect a Vape Shop to vociferously defend the Vaping Industry, I'm sorry I can't do that.

You see, we see selling vaping products, not only as a means to make money, that much is obvious, but as a service. When buying a vaping items, the customer must have the right products for their needs, the correct nicotine level, the correct device to suit where they are on their vaping journey.

Others see Vaping as a way to take your money off you.

The 'Vape Market' has been saturated in the past 5/6 years with fake Vapes and substandard liquids. But they are cheap, and most won't know the difference, so the retailers of these products keep selling them, why would they care about quality standards when the pounds roll in?

So when Disposable Vapes came along, you needed no knowledge of liquid strengths or ohm ratings or wattages, you just plonked the brightly coloured packages on your shelf on watched the money roll in.

Except it didn't, because, as I've mentioned, you don't make loads of money. So, what do you do? Sell them to everyone, including Children.

This becomes a problem for companies like the Ecigbox.

When you hear the BBC or Sky start talking about Vapes being sold to Children, you think of Vape shops.

When you read in the Guardian, The Mail or any other newspaper that Vapes are being sold to Children, you think of Vape shops.

You don't think of newsagents, supermarkets, garage forecourts or Amazon, you think of Vape Shops.

Having never knowingly sold any vape product to anyone under 18, it becomes a public relations nightmare.

We have long advocated that the sale of Vaping Products should be regulated further than it is. Selling the correct products to customers is not simple and has impacts on peoples health. You should, in our opinion, only be able to buy Vaping products from registered E-cigarette shops, who in turn, can be closely monitored.

Vaping products from The Ecigbox is safer than smoking. that's just a fact. We do have a moral compass that guides us, so the next time the BBC wants to beat Vaping over the head with a stick, please direct your ire and those causing the problems, the unscrupulous sellers, not us, we're trying to help.

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